The Golfing President

According to several American business journals, Donald Trump has spent 25% of his time at one of his own golf courses since his inauguration. While American presidents have traditionally played a round or two of golf to relax since at least the days of Calvin Coolidge back in the 1920’s, President Trump currently holds the record for most time spent playing golf of all United States presidents.


His predilection for golf, especially for golf at one of the courses that bears his own name, has not gone unnoticed by the news media and by his political opponents. Bernie Sanders, who almost snagged the Democratic Party nomination to run against Trump two years ago, has criticized Trump’s many trips in Air Force One, at the taxpayer’s expense, to play nine holes around the country, and even overseas.


Of course, it’s still early in President Trump’s administration, and these statistics may change dramatically as the heavy load of presidential responsibilities settles more heavily on him. And some other recent presidents have racked up respectable amounts of time out on the greens, as well:


Ronald Reagan was an avid golfer, and records show he spent an average of one weekend every three months golfing near his ranch in California during his years in office.


Bill Clinton claimed that playing golf with visiting world leaders was a great way to break down communication barriers and find grounds for mutual agreement in treaty negotiations.


And it was Herbert Hoover who allegedly said, after a bad day on the links, “Golf is a great way to ruin a good walk.”