Will Tiger Woods get his Chicago golf course?

Mike Keiser builds golf courses. He likes to do it; it’s his livelihood, plus he likes playing as a semi-pro hack himself. He recently drove from his home turf in Chicago up to the middle of Wisconsin to oversee the start of construction on a new golf course in the Badger State.


“It’s a breeze, working in Wisconsin” Keiser told reporters recently. “There’s no red tape to speak of. But here in Chicago-land — that’s a different story!”

Keiser knows what he is talking about. He was one of the first to come onboard over a year ago, when the Chicago media broke the story that Tiger Woods, at the urging of past President Barack Obama, would be the head designer of a lavish golf course on the Southside of the windy city. Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in on the deal, as well — ready to take it before the city council and push for the funding and eminent domain purchasing necessary.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood where the course was to be built would also be home to the future Presidential Library of Barack Obama. That project is making headway. But the Tiger Woods project is not making any great strides as of yet.

Why? People in the know say it’s because the red tape and the many city and county departments involved have slowed things down to a crawl. While no one is saying the enterprise is dead, the finishing date has been pushed back to a very indefinite “sometime in the next few years.”