Trump Golf Courses See Decrease in Business

Being President of the United States doesn’t guarantee that businesses with your name on them will prosper. Take, for instance, the Trump Golf Links, located in the Bronx at Ferry Point.

Newspapers report that played rounds since Donald Trump was elected have dropped by nearly a third, which is three times the drop off rate of other New York City golf courses during that same time. And it’s about five times as great as the national trend in golf for 2017.

The pundits and professors are having a field day with these statistics. Talk show radio is abuzz with speculation that the Trump name is poison to any business nowadays — or that there is a huge conspiracy among hackers to sabotage the whole golf infrastructure by staying away from the Trump links.

On the other hand, city officials in New York are quick to admit that the Trump Links are built on top of a vast garbage dump that was not a very successful landfill project in the first place. A public park was first considered for the former dump, but there was concern about seepage and other environmental glitches. So instead the city let the Trump organization lease the land and turn it into a golf course. The course brought in a little over seven million dollars last year, and this year it looks like that figure will be down around six million. It should be noted that profits for the course have been steadily dropping since it opened in 2015.